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Professional Services - Dorado Construction Group
Our licensed civil and structural engineers conceive and design projects, while our project management team works to procure materials, coordinate build logistics, supervise crews and deploy our own fleet of equipment. DCG self-performs through each step to construct and maintain infrastructure projects and systems in the public and private sectors. Supported by our civil construction division, the projects DCG has completed are wide-ranging and include water supply and sewage treatment plants, roads, subdivisions, landfills, dams, spillways, and canals.

Project Management

Our project management team focuses heavily on value engineering in an organized attempt to optimize the overall value of the project in project management endeavors. Often, creative strategies will be utilized to achieve the lowest life cycle cost available for the project. This means the project manager and all stakeholders consider all costs associated with the project, from the initial design of the product or service through to delivery and completion. First and foremost, DCG’s project managers serve as an advocate for the business goals of the project, not at the behest of our internal craft teams, or our valued sub-contractor network. The team then considers any cost-saving alternatives to be employed throughout all phases of the project. In all phases of the project, our project managers are looking to lower operating and total cost of ownership along with lower up-front expenses. When studying all phases, project managers will be looking for ways to improve cost-effectiveness without adversely impacting the quality, reliability, performance, or reputation of the project. Our project managers provide a competitive advantage by producing results that will deliver more to your bottom line.

Chief among DCG’s value project goals is maintaining an aggressive schedule determined by balancing the owner’s time constraints and feasibility of construction. All stakeholders benefit from a cost-loaded schedule to drive decisions along with the prioritization of resources and tasks. Respecting the limits of an agreed-upon schedule holds each trade accountable for executing their scope within contractual commitments. DCG’s project managers actively focus on the constructability portion of each trade to accurately align time resources to the owner’s project expectations. This can only be accomplished by having managers who actually understand the tooling, labor, and effort to integrate each unique trade into the comprehensive project.
Project Management - Dorado Construction Group
Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) - Dorado Construction Group

Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR)

DCG will provide design reviews to develop your construction project design for efficiency, provide better opportunities for a reduction in change orders, help reduce the cost of construction activities, and most importantly save time on the schedule. When selecting prime contractors, we use our experience to base our selections on the highest value rather than the lowest bidder. This results in a higher quality construction project that requires less rework. When you select a CMAR, your scope does not have to be complete for construction to start. When your contractor is completely familiar with the project goals, site work, and in some cases, foundation work can start before the plans are complete.

A CMAR is not always the least expensive delivery method. This can be due to project complexity, the risks that are transferred to the construction manager, and (in some instances) working with an incomplete scope of work. However, if it were easy, clients would not need specialized expertise and value engineering to complete the project. DCG’s clients still save money over alternative methods of construction due to interests being aligned from the outset when working with DCG as your CMAR. When you hire DCG as a CMAR, our team is going to be overly diligent in monitoring the budget and schedule, because if anything is out of line, it will go against their predetermined profit for the project.

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