Waste's Untapped Potential

How 3 Rivers Energy Partners is empowering synergistic solutions through distillery waste
For a long time, bountiful bio-waste streams went underutilized, and their true worth left untapped. Today, through pioneering protocols harnessing hidden values, these discarded resources are not only a potential source of profit, but also provide communities with renewable energy. 3 Rivers Energy Partners LLC (3 Rivers) is a renewable energy company that champions circular solutions driving the energy transition. It is a specialist in designing, constructing and operating projects that actualize such synergies.
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Tesla Lithium Hydroxide Factory

Today, we are breaking ground on Tesla’s in-house lithium refinery, located in the greater Corpus Christi area of Texas.
Once complete, the facility will represent an investment of >$1B in Southwest Texas. This investment is critical to our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and represents our efforts to aggressively increase the supply of battery-grade lithium hydroxide available in North America.

The 1,200+ acre site will be the location of the first industrial deployment of an acid-free lithium refining route. This process eliminates the use of hazardous reagents and byproducts in favor of more inert options. The byproduct from this facility, a mixture of sand and limestone, is useful in the production of construction materials, making beneficial use of traditional waste streams.
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Jack Daniel’s Distillery

When Jack Daniel first learned the art of distilling whiskey from Nearest Green, he also learned the importance of doing things the right way - even if it takes a little more effort and time.
On January 2023 officials from the Jack Daniel's Distillery and 3 Rivers Energy Partners broke ground on the new anaerobic digester project located along Good Branch Road in Moore County. This new facility will provide the Jack Daniel Distillery with renewable energy to run its operations and local farmers with a source of natural fertilizer to grow the corn the Distillery needs to craft our whiskey. This partnership is yet another step in Jack Daniel's ever-evolving sustainability journey.
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